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Jenn Hoffarth, MSN, RN

I'm Jenn Hoffarth, and I started Jennuine Pen, LLC, to provide quality freelance writing services for healthcare content.  I'm an experienced registered nurse with a background in:

  • peri-anesthesia nursing

  • nursing leadership

  • patient safety

  • healthcare data analysis

  • program development. 

My experience as a nurse leader helped develop my passion for concise, clear communication. 

Credible healthcare content that supports your brand's search rank is more important than ever, and health consumers need factual, easy-to-understand information to support informed healthcare decision-making. 

Similarly, healthcare workers are busier than ever and rely on clear, evidence-based, and actionable guidance from their leaders to ensure safe and reliable practice.

No matter your target audience for health content, I'm here to help you create reliable content that elevates your brand, supports your goals, and lets you cross "new content" off your list!  

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